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What is Storj (STORJ) Cryptocurrency?

Storj is described as an open source file storage service which is majorly decentralized. It is meant to use file sharding, encryption and also a harsh table which is based on blockchain in the storage of files on a network which is specifically peer to peer. Therefore, the major objective of this is to make sure that the cloud storage is private; it’s cheaper and also faster. Some of the traditional cloud storage systems have their limitations such as Google and Dropbox. Due to the fact that files are redundantly backed up, bandwidth emanating from the data center or rather the unexpected outages act in restriction of your files. Additionally, there is the privacy issue and these organizations have complete control over the files and also limit access to the files.

This Storj project is meant to use peer to peer networks and also blockchain to ensure that the problems have been solved. The files are well distributed and this means that redundancy is well achieved and also makes sure that one’s files are not tampered with. The use of decentralized storage is so compelling use case and this is specifically for the peer to peer networks and also the distributed ledger technology. Therefore in this, Storj has high competition from the others which are Maidsafe, filecoin, and Sia. Therefore the only thing which makes Storj the most preferable of all the others of the kind is the fact that it is usable, it is easy to adopt and also uses a better technology.

Storj Token

Storj is currently ranked number 132 in the crypto market. The coin is currently trading at $0.238 with a market cap of $32,343,846 on coinmarketcap.

How to accept Storj payments in your website

ExagonPay is a platform that makes it easy for business owners to receive payments in all popular digital currencies including Storj, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and BlackCoin. To avoid the volatility which has been greatly associated with the cryptocurrency sector ExagonPay converts all payments into Euro, USD or even Bitcoin depending on what the client prefers.

In order to integrate ExagonPay’s payment gateway on your site, you can use the ready-made integration made for e-commerce CMS or even use the developer API which can easily be configured for all websites. Lastly, you can use the payment buttons which are used for donations and accepting simple payments.

To start using ExagonPay to accept payments from either Storj, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and all the other digital currencies sign up with ExagonPay. Note that if you decide to keep all our payments in digital currencies you will not need to do verification with ExagonPay. However, if you need your payments to be converted either to the Euro or USD then you will need to verify your identity by uploading the required documents which include your ID and those of the directors.

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