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What is Siacoin (SC) Cryptocurrency?

SiaCoin has been developed like a distributed cloud storage platform involved in the liberation of unused storage space. Its major competitors are Apple, Microsoft, amazon, and Dropbox. This storage platform is decentralized and is specifically secured by the blockchain technology. Therefore, this platform is meant to use the underutilized HDD capacity in the entire globe and this is aimed at the creation of a data storage marketplace which has reliability and has low cost than the other traditional storage providers which are available. The SiaCoin idea has been made in such a way that anyone in the world can be involved in renting out their space and in return, they are rewarded for their contribution. Data on this platform is usually stored on a third-party server and this is because the cold storage services are decentralized.

According to the working of the SiaCoin platform, what is different from the other platforms is the fact that is open source and this means that anyone can be involved in the use; it is blockchain based and also is a decentralized cloud storage system. Sia is meant to offer the customers peer to peer storage system and this is because the users can be involved in renting out and benefiting from the HDD space they have been allocated. Anyone using the network is rewarded with SiaCoin and the various transactions in the given network are secured by the use of the storage proofs and contracts filling. Therefore, it means that this platform does not accept any payments from the customers but the transactions can be done on the platform.

SiaCoin Token

SC is becoming popular day by day and is currently ranked 40th in the crypto market. The coin is currently trading at $0.005 and has a market cap of $200,024,540. In addition, the digital currency has a total of 36,778,106,505 SC in supply.

How to accept SiaCoin Payments

ExagonPay is an online platform that helps businesses accept digital currencies like SiaCoin as an option of payment. To ensure that businesses are not affected by the volatile nature ExagonPay converts all payment to USD, Euro or even Bitcoin depending on the preference of the client. To start accepting SiaCoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, EOS and all the other digital currencies sign up with ExagonPay. If you intend to use this platform for e-commerce purposes then create API credentials but if you want to use it for normal payments or even for donations simply create a payment button.

Note that if you want all your payments to be converted into the Euro or even USD then you need to verify your identity. However, if you want all your payments to remain in digital currencies then identity verification is not required.

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