Sell Your Bitcoins

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The easiest way to sell bitcoin and get paid on the spot to your bank account

The way to sell bitcoin on ExagonPay is the easiest way on the market. You create an account, get verified and select the amount of bitcoin you want to sell in order to get paid in Euros or Dollars straight to your bank account.

Simple Selling Process

Sign-up at, get verified and sell all your cryptocurrency on the spot.

Real-time Exchange Rates

At ExagonPay, we proudly provide our clients with the best available rate for each transaction.

Transparent Pricing

Transparency is one of our main priorities, which is why we will never charge you with any hidden fees or margins. 
Sell Your Cryptos. No Delays and No hidden fees.

Selling your Bitcoins

At ExagonPay, your interest is our interest. Which is why you are guaranteed a selling price even before selling.  

How does it work?

The moment you initiate a sell, ExagonPay provides you with the best available exchange rate, giving you 20 minutes to send your coins to the generated wallet. All you have to do is sit back, and wait for your funds to arrive in your bank account.

Why use ExagonPay to sell your coins?

ExagonPay closely works with over 30 exchanges, offering you the best available rates in the market. On top of this, we guarantee the delivery of your funds within 24 hours after receiving your coins, making the sale of cryptocurrencies easier than ever
Getting paid for your Bitcoins has never been easier