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What is Salt (SALT) Cryptocurrency?

SALT is a blockchain based lending platform. This platform works by allowing people to leverage their assets on blockchain to get loans in cash. The main aim was to enable people to get fiat money without having to spend any of your crypto investments. The application of loans through SALT are very simple and approvals are done very fast. In this platform, there are no credit checks something which makes the entire process very fast. SALT also deposits the approved loans right to the bank account of the applicant.

The SALT team have used blockchain to streamline the renting process. The process only focuses on Blockchain assets instead of Credits cards. Throughout the loan payment system, the blockchain assets stay in a very secure architecture platform controlled by SALT which is completely audited. This ensures that loan borrowers can get loans without concerns about the custody of their Blockchain assets. The beauty of the platform is that there are no fees associated with the repayment of the loan. More to that taxes do not apply therefore through this platform you can avoid capital gains tax. The loan system is very ideal for long-term crypto investors since they can use their crypto assets to get loans and take time to pay as their crypto assets continue to grow.

SALT coin

SALT uses its own SALT token which is used in the SALT platform. The salt tokens have a total supply of 120 million tokens. The salt token has been growing on the crypto market and is currently ranked number 143 in the cryptocurrency market. The token is currently trading at $0.41 and has a market cap of $29,803,201 according to coinmarketcap.

How to accept salt payments on your site

ExagonPay has been there for customer payments in most common digital currencies. The platform has now added that SALT as an option. To make it easier for users and investors all the received payments are automatically converted to USD and the Euro or even converted to Bitcoin depending on what the client prefers.

It’s good to know that transparency is very important to us and therefore all processes must be followed. We work to ensure that volatility does not affect our clients and that’s why we convert that token payments to the clients preferred currency immediately after payments.

If you are ready to start accepting SALT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum Classic, EOS, DASH among other digital coins sign up with ExagonPay and create the API credentials. Note that API credentials are created by people who want to use the e-commerce plugins. Note that verification will be required if you want your payments to be converted to either the Euro or the USD. However, if you want to retain the payments in digital currencies you do not have to verify the account since no conversions are required.

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