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What is Qtum (QTUM) Cryptocurrency?

Qtum is often seen as a higher level blockchain innovation since it’s a combination of Bitcoin fork and Account Abstraction Layer. This platform is excellent for decentralized apps and smart contracts. However, Qtum is more than just a smart contract platform since it provides developers with an opportunity to receive orphan information. In short, Qtum can be described as an open source blockchain and digital currency. Qtum uses the proof-of-stake consensus and has the power to run smart contracts on different virtual machines. Its DApps do not have a single source of failure and that’s the reasons it’s described as the hybrid of both Ethereum and Bitcoin.

During its launch in 2017 Qtum collected a total of $15.6 million through an ICO. During this time a total of 51 million tokens were issued from the total supply of 100 million tokens created during the development of the platform. The 51 million tokens represented 51% of the total Qtum tokens available. The remaining 49% was divided into two with 20% of the tokens distributed among the development team and the founders of the platform. The other 29% was allocated to community initiatives and will be used for the development if the platform.

The development team also developed a Wallet for the tokens. It has mobile wallets, browser wallets, desktop wallets, and even hardware wallets. Qtum future is very bright because of its ability to incorporate Bitcoin developments like lightning and segwit. Even though the coin may not be popular at the moment it will certainly be very popular in the coming days.

Market performance

Qtum is already among the top 30 most popular digital currencies. The coin is currently ranked number 27 in the crypto market and is currently trading at $3.55 with a market cap of $315,695,899 according to coinmarketcap.

How to accept Qtum payments on your site

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Note that if you want all your payments to be converted into either USD or Euro then you must verify your identity. However, if you want to keep your payments in digital currencies like Bitcoin then verification is not compulsory. Security is the first priority for the ExagonPay team.

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