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Transaction Fee

* Please note that higher Price may apply for high-risk industries


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Accepting Blockchain Payments

Guaranteed Instant Conversion Rate

ExagonPay guarantees the price BTC-to-fiat at your POS, protecting you from Bitcoin price fluctuations.

Get Paid In Bitcoin

Many of our merchants choose to take a small percentage, or even all of their ExagonPay settlements in Bitcoin. Your settlement preferences can be set within your account dashboard and Bitcoin will be settled in your BTC address daily.

Simple Pricing

ExagonPay offers settlements for unlimited monthly transactions in Euros and US Dollars. Please be advised that this is dependent on your current level and industry.

Can you process payments for regulated industries?

Although we can process payments for most businesses, some legal and regulatory concerns prevent us from servicing some industries. However, we would like to provide all legal businesses with the opportunity to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum and we are constantly working to make this a reality. 

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