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What is Potcoin (POT)?

Potcoin is a secure digital currency which operates in a similar way to Bitcoin. This digital currency features only one-way transactions which are low cost and fast. This digital currency is designed to keep the business safe against fraud and helps customers to have more focus on the products they are purchasing. Potcoin brands itself as a digital currency, banking solution and network for the marijuana industry. It’s the very first cryptocurrency to be established to process Marijuana transactions which are done legally. Even though Potcoin is the most popular there are other coins established for the Marijuana business like CannabisCoin and DopeCoin.

Potcoin was established in 2014 in Canada and it can be used for all transactions on the internet including paying for goods and services. Trading Potcoin can be done through Potwallet, exchanges and online payment platforms like ExagonPay. The coins current market capitalization is $7,891, 558 and is currently trading at around $0.035 on the coinmarketcap. This may look small when compared to Bitcoins market cap of $115,901,309,665 but Potcoin is still making massive moves.

The coin came to save marijuana traders from banks. In many cases, banks may decline to take money involved in the marijuana business. This has offered a big space for cryptocurrencies to come in and close the gap. Potcoin’s anonymity and decentralization are awesome for the industry since people can send money to any country without the risk of fraud.

This coin was created with a sole target of Marijuana consumers and businesses. This means that the crypto industry is planning to take over the cannabis industry. They want to decentralize the business which for a long time has been seen as a bag industry and for criminals only. Potcoin operates on Blockchain technology which is the supporting technology for all the digital currencies.

How to accept Potcoin in your website

ExagonPay is an online platform which enables businesses to accept all the major digital currencies like Potcoin. To avoid the volatile nature on cryptocurrencies which in most cases scares away businesses ExagonPay converts the payments into either the Euro or USD depending on what the client prefers. To start accepting Potcoin, Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, and all the other coins simply signup with exagonpay. If you want to use the platform for e-commerce then create API credentials but if you want to use it for donations or payments only then simply create a payment button.

It’s important to note that if you would like to receive all your payments in cryptocurrency only then no verifications are required. However, if you would like your payments to be converted into either USD or Euro the identity verification is compulsory. Identification is important because they crypto industry has become a target by many criminals who include hackers.

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