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What is Polymath (POLY) Cryptocurrency?

Polymath is a blockchain platform which simplifies the process of trading security tokens. This platform brings together legal delegates, issuers, developers of smart contracts, Know your customer verification and a fully decentralized exchange. Token did not go through the Initial coin offering like most digital currencies but instead provided a security token offerings. Security tokens provide equity to companies, unlike ICO. More to that chances of fraud in security tokens are very minimal as compared to ICOS.

The main aim of the Polymath platform is to intergrade financial securities into Blockchain technology by replacing shareholders with token holders. The polymath token platform has three layers which include an application layer, the legal layer, and protocol layer. The layers are aimed at improving the liquidity of assets as well as reducing the legal complexity while ensuring that tokens remain compliant.

The crypto market

Polymath is the 112th most popular digital currency at the moment. The coin is currently trading at around $0.15 with a market cap of $42,999,328. Polymath has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 POLY but out of that only 282,415,107 coins are in supply.

How to accept Polymath Payments on your site

ExagonPay is an online platform that makes it simple for businesses to accept digital currencies as a means of payments. To avoid the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market ExagonPay converts all payments into either EUR/USD or even Bitcoin depending on the preference of the client. To start accepting Polymath and all the other popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Eos, and the others sign up with ExagonPay. If you want to use the platform for e-commerce purposes then create API credentials but if you want to use it for either donations or normal payments then create a payment button.

Note that if you want all your payments to be converted into USD/EUR then you must verify your identity. However, if you want to keep your payments in digital currencies then you don’t have to verify your identity.

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