Bitcoin Payment Buttons

Fixed Price

Fixed Price

Dynamic Prices

Dynamic Prices

Price Slider

Price Slider
Setting up Bitcoin payment buttons shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.
Which is why we simplified the process, helping you get up and running in no time.

Accept Bitcoin Payments, Easier than Ever

With ExagonPay any businesses can accept payments in Bitcoins / Ether directly from their site, donation or e-commerce website. 

Limitless Online Transactions

With ExagonPay, there are no limitations on where you can use our payment buttons. Set them up as shown below, and you’re good to go.

Security and Insurance

Your safety is our number one concern. Which is why ExagonPay secures all your transactions against chargeback and fraud, as well as insure all payments charged to your clients.

Daily Payments

Deposits to bank account can be processed everyday. To get your money deposited on your bank you can set automatic withdraws that will be made daily.

How to get started?

With ExagonPay, you have the option of accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum for your sales, and receiving the corresponding funds in your bank account in Euros/US Dollars.

Create an account at ExagonPay by proceeding to our Sign Up page.



Agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Submit your business documents for verification (may take up to 24hrs).



Check our developer documentation on how to test and configure our API.

Add your bank details or Bitcoin address for payouts.



As soon as your business documents are verified, you are free to start receiving blockchain payments.
Start Accepting Bitcoin & Altcoins, and Watch your Business Take off

What exactly is a payment button?

A payment button is what allows your business to receive payments, even while you’re asleep.

You can set one up on your website by logging into your ExagonPay account, going to the payment tools section, and picking one from the three button types offered: Fixed Price, which lets your customers pay with Bitcoin of a predefined amount, the Slider, which allows users to set a minimum amount, and Dynamic Prices, which includes a list of predetermined prices for your website visitors to choose from.

Upon selecting a button type, copy the generated code and paste it on the webpage of your choice. Anyone who clicks on this button, will be redirected to a cryptocurrency payment page. Now all you need to do, is watch the funds flow in.

Why do I even need a cryptocurrency payment button?

Payment buttons are what allow your business, whatever that may be, to receive funds directly and securely from customers.

With more and more people buying and making use of cryptocurrencies each day, not including a way for such potential buyers to spend their coins would put your business at a huge disadvantage.

This is why ExagonPay developed efficient and easy-to-install payment buttons, which immediately convert any coins received to Euros or US Dollars that go directly to your bank account.

Get access to the ExagonPay platform.