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What is Omisego (OMG) Cryptocurrency?

OmiseGo which is popularly known as OMG is a payment system which allows people to receive transactions. Omise was originally a payments company before it decided to join Blockchain technology. The company mainly operated in Asia. OmiseGo was not only designed to be an altcoin by a financial platform. It’s built on the Ethereum network and has continued to gain attention day by day.

This altcoin calls itself the answer to payment processing problems and a solution to financial institutions. The main goal of the platform has been to offer cryptocurrency users an alternative to exchanges. Most exchanges do not allow for direct conversions of crypto to crypto and that’s one of the problems OmiseGo is aiming to solve.

How is OmiseGo different from other Exchanges?

OmiseGo’s aim has been to disrupt the available method of trading digital currencies in exchanges. The platform has done this by connecting the current crypto wallets to its blockchain, therefore, enabling users to exchange digital currencies easily and in an efficient way. The platform is different in the following ways:

Decentralization – Despite the fact that digital currencies are made to be fully decentralized exchanges are centralized entities. This means that transactions carried out by an exchange are stored on a specific server which is owned by the exchange. This goes hand in hand with identification documents of all users like passwords. To move out of this OmiseGo offers similar functions to exchanges but ensures that all its transactions are decentralized and that they are stored in a Blockchain. This keeps away hackers since the data is secure and can only be accessed they the intended users. For a hacking to take place in this platform the hacker would need to convince all Blockchain users making its impossible.

Currency agnostic – Exchanges at the moment only allow their users to convert fiat into cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency to fiat. The restriction is very expensive since users incur a lot of transaction charges. If you wanted to convert BTC to ETH it’s not possible to do it directly without converting it to a fiat currency like the USD at the normal exchanges. This means that one will be charged twice, when selling BTC and when buying ETH. However, with OmiseGo, you can convert Bitcoin directly to ETH or the other digital currencies at a very reasonable fee.

OmiseGo Tokens

Since its launch, the OMG coin has taken the crypto market by storm. At the moment there are 140,245,398 coins in circulation and the coin is trading $3.78 with a market capitalization of $530,726,378 making it among the top 50 most popular digital coins in the market.

How to accept OmiseGo payments on your website

ExagonPay is an online platform which ensures that businesses can accept digital currencies like OmiseGo as an option of payment. The platform works to avoid the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency markets by converting all payments into either USD or the EURO or even to Bitcoin depending on what the client prefers.

To start accepting OmiseGo, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Zcash and all the other digital currencies signup with ExagonPay. If you would like to use the platform for e-commerce then create the API credentials but if you want to use it for donations or normal transactions simply create a payment button.

Note that for all businesses that want their payments to be converted to either the Euro or USD identity verification is required. However, those who want to keep their payments in digital currencies then the verification process is not compulsory.

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Charge Client Online

By creating payment buttons on ExagonPay, you will be able to charge customers onany kind of website. you have 3 choices of payment button types available.

Security and Insurance

ExagonPay secures all the transactions made on your website to avoid chargeback and fraud. Payments charged to your client are insured by ExagonPay

Daily Payments

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