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What is Numeraire (NMR) Coin?

Numeraire (NMR) is an Artificial Intelligence powered hedge fund which is based on the Ethereum Blockchain platform. The aim of creating NMR was to be a collaborative network resource which allows scientists to share data and earn from the performance of their data. For you to compete at the NMR platform you must build and train machine learning programs. The platform provides to participants with the initial data so that they can use it as the baseline. After during participation it becomes your data and also your program.

Numeraire rewards participants on a weekly basis based on the performance of the scientists. The platform is in many occasions described as a math-based game which gives prizes to the best performers. During the making of predictions, the Numeraire coin is used. The coin is based on the Proof of Intelligence algorithm and is the first of its kind to be created by the platform.

Numeraire has about 12,000 scientists participating in this project. The platform distributed 1,000,000 NMR tokens to the 12,000 scientists. This distribution is based on how high one if performing. The platform ensures that there are a winner and a loser. This wonderful platform was created in February 2017 and all the NMR payments are converted into Ether.

Numeraire is currently ranked as the 479th most popular digital currency in the crypto market. The coin has seen massive development since its creation in 2017 and is currently trading at $3.6. It also has a market cap of $4,849,653. Its popularity is still going up having in mind that there are more than 1500 digital coins in the market.

How to accept Numeraire payments on your site

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Identity verification is compulsory for people and businesses who want their payments to be converted into either the Euro or USD. Those who want their payments to remain in digital currencies do not have to verify their identity.

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