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What is Neo (NEO) Coin?

NEO is a blockchain token which is designed to offer a decentralized network through smart contracts. This platform was developed in 2014 and since then it has seen massive developments. NEO has so far grown to become the biggest crypto in China and is often referred to as Smart Economy. NEO used an algorithm called Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance which helps is executing the smart contracts. More to that the platform uses GAS Coin in the creation of the NEO block which is viewed as its token. NEO operates on the Proof of Stake and the GAS coins are generated through the confirmation of transactions within its network.

The confirmation ensures that security and inflation issues are sorted. NEO is termed as one of the most decentralized as secure digital currencies ever created. The coin has a total coin supply of 100 million and its supply was distributed to different groups during its ICO to ensure that it was completely decentralized. During the ICO 10% of the coins was sent to the early supports of Antshares while 17% was given to the ICO participants. After that, another 23% was given to the second group of ICO participants while the remaining 50% is now held by the NEO team.


A DApp is simply a decentralized app. DApps operate through certain rules and when they don’t meet the rules they cannot be operated. DApps are supposed to have specific features like:

Decentralization – This means that they are not supposed to have a central point of authority or even being stored on a centralized server. Being decentralized means that it uses Cryptographic technology which is based on Blockchain.

Incentive – This means that it should operate as a reward system. A DApp is also supposed to have to have crypto coins to maintain its value.

Open Source – Its code should be open and available to the public. This is to ensure that no one can claim to be the owner thus giving ownership to the community.

NEO meets all criteria of DApps and its platform is now a very strong platform for tech experts to develop DApps on its blockchain. NEO platform has so far hosted many successful DApps some of which include: AdEX: Adverts control, NEX; Faster and Complex trades and Red Pulse; Event-driven research among others.

The cryptocurrency market

NEO is currently the 13th most popular digital currency in the crypto market. The coin is currently trading at $18 with a market cap of $1,210,725,917. In addition, the digital currency has a total of 65,000,000 coins in circulation out of the total supply of 100,000,000 NEO.

How to accept NEO payments on your site

ExagonPay is an online platform which enables businesses to receive payments in all popular digital currencies like NEO. If you accept NEO payments on your site or in your physical store, ExagonPay converts all payments to either Euro, USD or even Bitcoin to avoid the volatile nature of the crypto market.

To start to accept NEO payments as well as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, EOS, Bitcoin Gold and all the other digital currencies sign up with ExagonPay. If you want to use the platform for e-commerce then create API credentials but if you want to use it for normal payments or even for donations then create a payment button.

Note that if you want all your payments to be converted into either USD or Euro then you must verify your identity. However, if you want to keep your payments in digital currencies like Bitcoin then verification is not compulsory. Security is the first priority for the ExagonPay team.

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