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What is Myrillion?

MyRillion provides the Entertainment world with a secure and reliable decentralized ecosystem to help it manage its daily processes, with a focus on:

  • the revenue distribution flows,
  • the project funding flows,
  • the gift & charity funding flows
  • the traceability of intellectual works

The ecosystem is built on the blockchain technology, offers five smart contracts and a cryptocurrency, the Myrillion (MYL).

The MYL is the unit of account for all economic transactions within the Myrillion ecosystem.

Products & services

The Myrillion five smart contract framework:

Integrated into existing Entertainment ecosystems (for instance, a music streaming platform, a sport marketplace,…), each of its smart contracts is designed to automate and secure one of the Entertainment processes listed above.


The “intelligent wallet” allowing the Entertainment community to buy, sell, send and receive their Myrillions, in one clic. Available as a standalone application, it will be interfaced within the platforms of Myrillion professional clients, and offers access to the smart contracts features (sending of tips, charity gifts, crowdfunding, traceability of intellectual property). it will also bring a mobile payment solution.


The software payment solutions dedicated to the Entertainment professionals to allow them receiving Myrillion payments from MYL-PAY© users. It includes the interface to create initiatives based on smart contracts (new tips and charity events, new crowdfunding operations, referencing of intellectual works). It also includes the “intelligent wallet”.




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