Accept bitcoin payments

at your Multi-Level Marketing Distribution

Supported Cryptocurrencies :



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(Startting Sept 15,  2018)


(Starting Dec 10, 2018)

Your Multi-Level Marketing Distribution receives Bitcoins / Ethereums ? 
We convert them to Euros or Us Dollars. No delays. And zero volatility risk.

Why Accept Blockchain Payments?

With ExagonPay, any blockchain payments made to your business get directly deposited in your bank account. Bank deposits can be made in 38 countries, and support all large currencies including US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, and more.

1 Your customers choose to pay with Bitcoin during checkout.
2 They pay the ExagonPay invoice at a locked in exchange rate, avoiding crypto price fluctuations.
3 ExagonPay instantly converts the coins received, protecting you from any risk.
4 The converted funds are directly transferred to your bank account.

Why Multi-Level Marketing Distribution use ExagonPay?

ExagonPay allows you to accept payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum and receive funds
directly to your bank account. Bank deposits in 38 countries, settled in US Dollars,
Euros, GBP, and more.

Simple Integration

With ExagonPay, you get access to a powerful, easy-to-install API which allows you to charge customers right from your website, and automatically sends all converted funds straight to your bank account.

Security and Insurance

ExagonPay secures all blockchain transactions against chargeback and fraud, by exchanging all cryptocurrency payments to Euros/US Dollars on the spot.

Daily Payments

Deposits to your bank account are processed weekly. All we need you to do is log-in to your dashboard and either set daily automatic withdrawals, or manually withdraw the funds at your convenience.

How to accept Bitcoin in an Multi-Level Marketing Distribution?

With ExagonPay, you can easily accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments for your ICO or token sale operations and receive all funds directly in your bank, either in Euros or US Dollars.

Create an ExagonPay account through our Sign Up page.



Agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Submit your business documents for verification (may take up to 24hrs).



Check our developer documentation on how to test and configure our API.

Add your bank information or BTC address for payouts.



As soon as your business documents are verified, you are free to start receiving blockchain payments.

Accepting Cryptocurrencies is One-Click Away

Why Multi-Level Marketing Distribution Now Accept Bitcoin Payments?

Accept Bitcoin payments at your multi-level marketing distribution business

Bitcoin is a decentralized platform which has all characteristics of money. Bitcoin came into existence in 2009 and since then it has grown to be a famous means of payment. People are preferring it because it gives them the power to control their own finances without any limits .In addition, Bitcoin has proven to be very secure because of its decentralized nature since not unit or company controls its operations. The digital currency is already being termed as the future of money and therefore expected to continue growing.

Why multi-level marketing distribution businesses are accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin has very many positive features which are making it very influential in the world today. Multi-level marketing distribution businesses operate all over the world and therefore they require a universally accepted currency. Before the emergence of Bitcoin, there was no currency which was accepted all over the world. However, with Bitcoin, you can now do trade at any part of this world and yap using Bitcoin. In addition, Bitcoin transactions attract less transaction fee as compared to other online means of payments. These have particularly attracted these businesses because their main aim is to maximize profits while minding the welfare of their customers.

Why multi-level marketing distribution businesses prefer Bitcoin than credit card payments

  • Greater security

Security was given a priority during the development of Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been proving how secure is to overcoming the threat of cybercrime. In fact, since it was launched Bitcoin has never received a single security threat. Having no governing body running Bitcoin transaction is one thing that has enhanced its security. In addition, all Bitcoin transactions are posted in a public ledger to ensure that each transaction is transparent something which has worked well for the development of the digital currency.

  • Lower transaction fees

Bitcoin boasts of very low transaction fees when compared to credit card payments. The fact that no institutions run Bitcoin means that its fees cannot be manipulated and therefore is self-adjusting.  Bitcoin’s transaction fees remain the same regardless of the destination of the payment making it very effective for traders all over the world.

  • Brand Reputation

Customers like to be associated with businesses that are ready to take risks to ensure satisfaction. Accepting Bitcoin payments will make your business look future-oriented and therefore people will want to be associated with you more.

  • PR Opportunities

Accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment can give your business free publicity. This is because Bitcoin is the most covered item by the media as well as the most searched item on the internet. In fact, companies that have accepted Bitcoin in the past have received a lot of media coverage which is very good for attracting new clients. This means that accepting Bitcoin will easily increase the sales of your business. More to that it will make more people aware of your business which is a good move towards making your brand unique.

  • Bitcoin supporters

Bitcoin community is a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts mainly composed of miners and investors. Accepting Bitcoin payments will automatically make you a member of these group. The beauty of being a member is that the community supports businesses that are supporting Bitcoin payments in an effort to push the digital currency towards mainstream adoption.

  • Brand allegiance

Accepting Bitcoin can make your customers stick by your brand. However, if your competitors do it before you then some of your customers can change their loyalty in order to move with emerging technologies. It’s important to move early enough to protect your business since you are not the only one looking forward to doing the same.

How to accept Bitcoin in your multi-level marketing distribution business

Accept Bitcoin payments through ExagonPay. ExagonPay makes it possible for businesses to accept Bitcoin payment. To make it easier for users and investors all the received payments are automatically converted to USD/Euro to avoid the volatile nature of the crypto sector.

It’s good to know that transparency is very important to us and therefore all processes must be followed. We work to ensure that volatility does not affect our clients and that’s why we convert that token payments to the clients preferred currency immediately after payments.

If you are ready to start accepting Bitcoin and all the other digital coins sign up with ExagonPay and create the API credentials. Note that API credentials are created by people who want to use the e-commerce plugins. Note that verification will be required if you want your payments to be converted to either the Euro or the USD. However, if you want to retain the payments in digital currencies you do not have to verify the account since no conversions are required.

The future of accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the future of money and therefore has a very bright future. The digital currency is already receiving a lot of attention and is expected to be a mainstream means of payment very soon.

Get access to the ExagonPay platform.