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What is LBRY Credits (LBC) Cryptocurrency?

LBRY famously known as LBC is a peer-to-peer digital platform which was developed to host all valuable content. This platform has been referred to as the blockchain version of YouTube, Soundcloud and Wikipedia all combined. Prices for watching a video, reading a book or even buying a book will be set by the content creators. The beauty of using this platform is that the content creators get 100% of what they sell. The developers of this platform have even gone ahead to create their own protocol like the HTTP used on the internet at the moment. The developers were quoted saying that they wanted to develop a product that will survive any challenges in future.

The main aim of LBRY is to decentralize all content. It will be used properly in solving all problems associated with ownership copyrights. Plagiarism has been a big problem in this market. LBRY seeks to solve this by recording all information including essays in the blockchain to ensure that when copyrights are violated one can sue for damages. This platform was developed by Jeremy Kauffman with the help of six other experts.

LBRY Credits token has been doing very well since it was launched. The token is currently ranked 313 on the coinmarketcap and has 187,662,792 LBC coins in supply. This token is currently trading at $0.037 with a market cap of $12,679,795. The coin is currently doing well with the coin seen 8.53% rise at the time of writing this article.

How to accept LBRY Credits payments on your website

ExagonPay is an online payments platform which enables businesses to receive payments in digital currencies like LBRY Credits. To avoid the volatility in the crypto sector ExagonPay converts all payments into either the Euro, USD or even Bitcoin depending on the preference of the client. To start accepting LBRY Credits, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, EOS and all other digital currencies sign up with ExagonPay. To use the platform for e-commerce purposes then create API credentials but if you want to use it for donations or normal payments then create a payment button.

Note that if you want to keep all the payments in digital currencies then you are not required to verify your identity. However, if you want all your payments to be converted into either Euro or USD then you must verify your identity.

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