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What is Komodo (KMD) Cryptocurrency?

Komodo is a digital currency which focuses on the provision of anonymity via zero-knowledge proofs. Komodo was forked from Zcash and has since worked to become a BitcoinDark digital currency. The forking was done by the SuperNET team which has also developed several tools which will work for hand in hand with Komodo to form a powerful and complete ecosystem. Komodo aims to secure third-party blockchains on behalf of other companies as well as bridging the gap that has existed between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

More to hold Komodo coin (KMD) the holders will also get 5% annual revenue from the team. This revenue is automated meaning that there is not one to control or choose who will receive it. The 5 percent interest will be available every year until the 200 million KMD which is its maximum supply is reached.

The fact that Komodo forked out of Zcash means that it relies on the technology developed by the Zcash team. The technology ensures that Komodo transactions are 100% private. It’s very anonymous such that no one can know the sender or receiver of the money. All transactions are verified by miners if proven to be correct. Komodo transactions are also very similar to Bitcoin transactions. Anonymous transactions are very important to the digital coin because they make the coin remain fungible.

Komodo price and performance

KMD was launched through an ICO at the start of 2017. During the launch time, the price of the coin was $0.1. Since then the coin has received the massive attention which has seen the coin grow massively. Komodo is currently trading at around $1.1 with a market capitalization of $120,796,979 according to coinmarketcap. At the moment there are also about 109,160,406 coins in circulation. The coins current price is a massive drop from its all-time high of $12.54 which was achieved in December 2017.

Komodo is having a very ambitious large-scale project which is working to solve many problems faced in the centralized world. This project is also working on decentralized exchanges as well as decentralized ICO spaces.

Accepting Komodo as a means of payment on your website

ExagonPay is an online platform which enables businesses to add digital currencies as an option of payment. The platform works to ensure that these businesses are not affected by the volatile nature of digital currencies by automatically converting the digital currencies like Komodo into either the Euro or USD or even Bitcoin depending on what the client prefers.

To start accepting Komodo as well as all other digital currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic among others sign up with ExagonPay. If you want to use the platform for e-commerce then create API credentials but if you want to use it for normal transactions or donations then just create a payment button.

Note that if you would like your payments to be converted either to USD or Euro then identity verification is compulsory. However, if you would like to retain the payments in digital currencies then you do not have to verify your identity.

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