Accept bitcoin payments

at your Import/Export

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(Startting Sept 15,  2018)


(Starting Dec 10, 2018)

Your Import/Export receives Bitcoins / Ethereums ? 
We convert them to Euros or Us Dollars. No delays. And zero volatility risk.

Why Accept Blockchain Payments?

With ExagonPay, any blockchain payments made to your business get directly deposited in your bank account. Bank deposits can be made in 38 countries, and support all large currencies including US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, and more.

1 Your customers choose to pay with Bitcoin during checkout.
2 They pay the ExagonPay invoice at a locked in exchange rate, avoiding crypto price fluctuations.
3 ExagonPay instantly converts the coins received, protecting you from any risk.
4 The converted funds are directly transferred to your bank account.

Why Import/Export use ExagonPay?

ExagonPay allows you to accept payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum and receive funds
directly to your bank account. Bank deposits in 38 countries, settled in US Dollars,
Euros, GBP, and more.

Simple Integration

With ExagonPay, you get access to a powerful, easy-to-install API which allows you to charge customers right from your website, and automatically sends all converted funds straight to your bank account.

Security and Insurance

ExagonPay secures all blockchain transactions against chargeback and fraud, by exchanging all cryptocurrency payments to Euros/US Dollars on the spot.

Daily Payments

Deposits to your bank account are processed weekly. All we need you to do is log-in to your dashboard and either set daily automatic withdrawals, or manually withdraw the funds at your convenience.

How to accept Bitcoin in an Import/Export?

With ExagonPay, you can easily accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments for your ICO or token sale operations and receive all funds directly in your bank, either in Euros or US Dollars.

Create an ExagonPay account through our Sign Up page.



Agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Submit your business documents for verification (may take up to 24hrs).



Check our developer documentation on how to test and configure our API.

Add your bank information or BTC address for payouts.



As soon as your business documents are verified, you are free to start receiving blockchain payments.

Accepting Cryptocurrencies is One-Click Away

Why Import/Export Now Accept Bitcoin Payments?

Accept Bitcoin in import/ export company

Bitcoin started as a store value and has since had massive growth and evolved into a means of payment. Being a completely decentralized unit means that it has no central establishment that controls it. Its growth in popularity began after its launch in 2009 which has seen businesses opting to transact using it. The future looks set for Bitcoin use as a mode of payment thus businesses such as import/export companies are aiming for its implementation.

Why import/export companies are accepting Bitcoin

The uniqueness of a business determines the customer number it is to receive, thus many import/export companies are preferring Bitcoin use and other digital currencies to minimize market competition. Having Bitcoin as a mode of making transactions in addition to credit cards ensures the business has an advantage over the competition. High transaction fees are experienced with credit cards as opposed to using Bitcoin that has very cheap transaction costs. This is as a result of Bitcoin's decentralization thus having no center of command unlike credit cards that are fully centralized and all decisions come from a specific institution. Decentralization assists by granting the user the power to control their finances directly and without limits.

Why Import/export companies prefer Bitcoin than credit card payments

Businesses such as import/export companies are having different reasons why they are accepting Bitcoin as a payment option. Below are some of the sampled reasons;

Greater security

Bitcoin’s security is enhanced by the fact that it’s fully decentralized having no organizations control these finances and as a result, manipulation is controlled. The same cannot be said of a credit card which has a centralized system thus having a central organization controlling it and is as a result, prone to manipulation where cybercrimes such as hacking and identity theft are experienced. A public ledger is used to promote transparency by having all transactions recorded on it. Bitcoin transactions are also anonymous to prevent customer details from getting to the wrong hands.


Lower transaction fees

Bitcoin transaction fees are close to zero making it a cheaper alternative when making online payments. Bitcoin transaction fees are not fixed and depend on the performance of the digital currency in the market. On the other hand, credit cards have a more expensive transaction fee as a result of its centralization where an organization is at the center of controlling the finances.  Credit cards have a fixed transaction fee which does not change no matter the currency performance.

Brand Reputation

Import/export companies are investing in a digital currency such as Bitcoin due to this being a potential for positive reputation in the business. Ever since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has had a good reputation thus customers are happy with businesses that take risks to satisfy their needs. A great business will want to implement Bitcoin transactions before its competitors in order to gain more customers.

PR Opportunities

Media attention can be gained through Bitcoin implementation in a business that in the end will positively impact sales. This is due to Bitcoin attention from the media in the past. Therefore accepting Bitcoin in import/export companies may promote the business by providing free publicity thus resulting in customer awareness.

Bitcoin supporters

The wide Bitcoin community consists of miners and traders who are always eager to help one of their own.  Accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment in the import/export company will ensure membership in this community thus helping the business to tap into a new breed of customers

Brand allegiance

Knowing that competitors may implement using Bitcoin in their businesses should result in the business getting there first. This is done to ensure that customers who are enthusiasts of Bitcoin are maintained in the business thus portraying the business as a trendsetter.

How to accept Bitcoin payments at your import/export company

Accept Bitcoin payments through ExagonPay. ExagonPay is a platform which makes it very easy for customers to pay for their goods and services using digital currencies. The platform accepts all the major digital currencies including Bitcoin and others. The platform was developed knowing that the crypto sector is very volatile. Since volatility could be the main challenge for businesses ExagonPay decided to make it simple for businesses by automatically converting the payments to either Euro or Dollar.

To start accepting Bitcoin payments sign up with ExagonPay. After signing up if you intend to use ExagonPay’s e-commerce plugins create an API credential. However, if you do not intend to use the platform for e-commerce then you can simply create a first payment button.

Note that if you want to receive immediate conversions into USD or the Euro then you will do an important verification. However, if you want to keep all your payments in digital currency form you do not need to do any verification.

The future of accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s future is very bright because more people are becoming interested in the digital currency. Its actually expected to become a mainstream means of payment in the near future despite the volatility challenges its faced with.

Get access to the ExagonPay platform.