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What is Iexec (RLC) Cryptocurrency?

iExec is a cloud computing infrastructure based on Blockchain technology which supports decentralized apps. Cloud computing has already become a multi-billion industry with some of the world’s largest companies like Apple, Netflix, and Xerox using the platform to manage data. However, the cloud computing industry has remained decentralized for a long time and that’s why iExec came to offer the same service in a decentralized manner.

So as to support smart contracts and Dapps iExec ensures that blockchain on chain functions are operating and running smoothly. In short smart contracts and Dapps use ant computing resource available in the iExec framework to operate and run the programs. This means that Dapp users can use processing power from even computer’s CPU which is small to large ones like data control centers.

Platform completes its service by matching its smart contracts. iExec uses the proof of Contribution to ensure that its users get the right resources. The iExec platform has three main components which are Dapp store, marketplace and data marketplace. The marketplace is where users and providers exchange RLC to get computer resources. In the marketplace, iExec uses smart contracts to ensure that providers do not provide more than they can manage. The Dapp store is just similar to the normal app stores. Dapp Store is where people browser and buy Dapps developed in the iExec. The best thing about the Dapp store is the fact that the Dapp store is live and is already having apps which you can use today.

iExec token

When the RLC token was launched a year ago it had a slow start and not many believed that it would be a successful digital currency. RLC is currently trading at $0.41 and has a market cap of $32,877,425 meaning that it’s ranked 153 at the cryptocurrency market. The token has a total supply of 86,999,782 RLC and a circulating supply of 80,070,793 RLC.

How to accept iExec payments on your website

ExagonPay is an online platform which makes it easy for businesses to accept digital currencies like iExec as an option of payment. To ensure that the clients are not affected by the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market the platform automatically converts all payments to either the Euro, UDS or even Bitcoin depending on what the clients prefer. It’s important to note that clients who want their payments to be converted into the Euro and USD they have to verify their identity. However, clients, who want to retain their payments in digital currencies they do not have to verify their identity.

To get started accepting iExec, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Cash, Ripple, EOS and all other digital currencies sign up with ExagonPay. If you want to use the ExagonPay platform for e-commerce plugins then simply create API credential. On the other hand, if you want to use the platform for donations or even simple payments then create a payment button.

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