Accept bitcoin payments

at your Gyms

Supported Cryptocurrencies :



(7+ payment tools)


(Startting Sept 15,  2018)


(Starting Dec 10, 2018)

Your Gyms receives Bitcoins / Ethereums ? 
We convert them to Euros or Us Dollars. No delays. And zero volatility risk.

Why Accept Blockchain Payments?

With ExagonPay, any blockchain payments made to your business get directly deposited in your bank account. Bank deposits can be made in 38 countries, and support all large currencies including US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, and more.

1 Your customers choose to pay with Bitcoin during checkout.
2 They pay the ExagonPay invoice at a locked in exchange rate, avoiding crypto price fluctuations.
3 ExagonPay instantly converts the coins received, protecting you from any risk.
4 The converted funds are directly transferred to your bank account.

Why Gyms use ExagonPay?

ExagonPay allows you to accept payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum and receive funds
directly to your bank account. Bank deposits in 38 countries, settled in US Dollars,
Euros, GBP, and more.

Simple Integration

With ExagonPay, you get access to a powerful, easy-to-install API which allows you to charge customers right from your website, and automatically sends all converted funds straight to your bank account.

Security and Insurance

ExagonPay secures all blockchain transactions against chargeback and fraud, by exchanging all cryptocurrency payments to Euros/US Dollars on the spot.

Daily Payments

Deposits to your bank account are processed weekly. All we need you to do is log-in to your dashboard and either set daily automatic withdrawals, or manually withdraw the funds at your convenience.

How to accept Bitcoin in an Gyms?

With ExagonPay, you can easily accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments for your ICO or token sale operations and receive all funds directly in your bank, either in Euros or US Dollars.

Create an ExagonPay account through our Sign Up page.



Agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Submit your business documents for verification (may take up to 24hrs).



Check our developer documentation on how to test and configure our API.

Add your bank information or BTC address for payouts.



As soon as your business documents are verified, you are free to start receiving blockchain payments.

Accepting Cryptocurrencies is One-Click Away

Why Gyms Now Accept Bitcoin Payments?

Accepting Bitcoin at Gyms

Bitcoin is a digital currency which is enabling businesses to carry out decentralized transactions. Since its inception Bitcoin has received both positive and negative criticism. Bitcoin enthusiasts argue that it is the future of money and the best invention of this century. On the other hand, people who doubt the technology argue that it’s just a bubble that could burst. Bitcoin is, however, proving to be a payment system that everyone can rely on and businesses are already using it as an option of payment since it has proven to have all the characteristics of money. 

Why Gyms are accepting Bitcoin

Gyms like all other businesses are preferring Bitcoin payments because of its convenience. Bitcoin is fully decentralized and gives its users the power to control their finances. This means that one manages their income and expenditure without restrictions. This is unlike other financial institutions where withdrawals are regulated and have limits. In addition, Bitcoin payments are borderless and can be used to pay for goods and services. With Bitcoin transactions are faster since in international payments it takes less than 5 minutes while other payment platforms take up to 3 days to clear international payments.

Why Gyms prefer Bitcoin than credit card payments

Gyms and other businesses are accepting Bitcoin for different reasons. Some of them are explained below:

  • Greater security

The fact that Bitcoin is fully decentralized makes it very secure and efficient. This is because there is no centralized data storage platform, therefore, minimizes the risk of manipulation unlike in Credit card where data is centralized and having a centralized command center. To ensure transparency Bitcoin transaction is recorded in a public ledger.

  • Lower transaction fees

Digital currencies have a very low transaction fee when compared to credit cards or any other online payment platform. The low transaction fee has attracted businesses since their aim is to reduce costs while maximizing profits. The other positive about Bitcoin is that is transaction fee is not constant but changes with the performance of the digital currency in the market.

  • Brand Reputation

The difference between success and failure is determined by your ability to take risks. People love businesses that are ready to take risks to offer them better services. Accepting Bitcoin can make more people want to be associated with you more since your business will look more future-oriented. This move alone can increase your sales which indeed will lead to higher profits.

  • PR opportunities

Bitcoin is currently receiving a lot of media attention which businesses should capitalize on. Businesses which have accepted Bitcoin as an option of payment in the past have received their equal share of media coverage. This is free publicity which can earn you more customers as well as pushing your brand to new levels.

  • Bitcoin supporters

Bitcoin community is growing day by day. The community is run by Bitcoin enthusiasts who are mainly Bitcoin investors and miners. Adopting Bitcoin payments will automatically make you a member of this community. This move alone can increase your profits since the community members like supporting one of their own in an effort to push Bitcoin into the mainstream.

  • Brand allegiance

To ensure that you keep all your customer you must move with technology and all the emerging trends. You should know that one mistake like not accepting Bitcoin as an option of payment can make your customers change allegiance. You must have in mind that you are not the only one working to accept Bitcoin. More to that should ensure that you are the pacesetter for your competitors.

How to accept Bitcoin at your gym

Accept Bitcoin and all other digital currencies in your gym through ExagonPay. ExagonPay is a payment platform which enables businesses like gyms to perceive payments from popular digital currencies which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple among others. To avoid volatility which is very high in all digital currencies the platform converts all received payments into the Euro or USD depending on what the client wants. More to that the platform is very friendly and remains operational and active all day. If a client opts to receive all his payments in cryptocurrency the platform does not require him/ her to do the verification. The verification process is only for clients who want their payments to be converted into either the Euro or the USD.

To start accepting Bitcoin as well as other digital currencies in your platform simply sign up with ExagonPay. If you want an e-commerce support to create API credentials or create a normal account if you are not interested in e-commerce.

The future of accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin and the general cryptocurrency market is the future of money. This means that accepting Bitcoin as an option of payment in your gym early enough is an added advantage for the growth of your business. Bitcoin is likely to be a mainstream method of payment within five years.

Get access to the ExagonPay platform.