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Gnosis (GNO)

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What is Gnosis (GNO) Cryptocurrency?

Gnosis is digital currency powered by Ethereum which is mainly a prediction market platform. This platform works by providing an open platform for all to predict the outcome of events. Through it, the customized prediction apps can be created. Gnosis works by enabling users in the market to trade tokens which represent certain events. Open market leads to different prices because some tokens occur faster than others.

Gnosis has a platform which hosts and interface with decentralized market predictions. People use this platform to create a market and then link the market to an event. In the market, users buy things and share them in the event. For each share in the market, one receives outcome tokens which are determined by event outcomes. The tokens are however also limited by the liquidity of the market.

Gnosis is not strict about its data only. At times it also relies on external data to settle the outcomes of events. The platform is very safe and the outcome of these events cannot be manipulated since it’s hosted on a Blockchain platform. There may be cases where a solution cannot be found and in such cases, Gnosis proposes a solution called the Ultimate Oracle. Approved outcomes can also be disputed through the placing of money on alternative outcomes.

Gnosis says that its platform has three layers. The layers are arranged in order from the first layer called the core layer which provides the platforms central smart contracts. The first layer is followed by another layer called the services layer which provides services for the developer. Lastly is a layer which contains all the apps build on Gnosis.

Gnosis token famously known as the GNO has a fixed supply of 10 million tokens. The platform also has another token called the Gnosis Wizard (WIZ). GNO is currently ranked number 137 at the coinmarketcap. The coin is trading at $33 and has a market capitalization of $37,472,548. The token has been doing very well since its launch. However, its price went down during the time when most of the tokens in the digital currency market lost more than half of their market prices.

How to accept Gnosis as an option of payment

ExagonPay makes it very simple to accept customer payments in digital currencies such as Gnosis. Most business people are afraid of the volatile nature of the crypto markets. To eliminate the fear ExagonPay converts all payments into either the USD, Euro or even Bitcoin depending on the preference of the client.

To start accepting payments in Gnosis, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and all other digital currencies signup with ExagonPay. If you intend to use the platform for e-commerce purpose then create API credentials but if you want to use it for normal payments or donations then create a payment button.

For clients who would like their payments to be converted into the USD or Euro, identity verification is compulsory but those who would like to keep their payments in digital currencies do not need to verify their identity.

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