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What is Game Credits (GAME) Cryptocurrency?

GameCredits is a digital currency which is aimed at becoming a payment for the online gaming industry. The mission of the team creating this digital currency becomes a worldwide cryptocurrency for all the 2.6 billion gamers all over the world. They also want to ensure are those who develop games use digital currencies to better the industry.

The GameCredits team is very determined to be the universal currency for the gaming industry. Through this digital currency, competition will be better. Online gamers in the past have been using only credit cards which have higher charges.

GameCredits was launched in 2015. In its inception, it came under the name GamersCoin (GMC) before it was rebranded in the same year to GameCredits (GAME). After the inception, the coin did not become popular at the moment and up to June 2015, the digital currency traded at $0.00044 per game. However, from July 2015, the digital coin grew very fast and before 2017 the coin had hit the $0.22 per game. This was a massive increase in the price of about 500%. The digital currency is currently trading at $0.2416 and has a market cap of $15,550,741 meaning that it’s ranked 270 according to the coinmarketcap.

GameCredits have their own game store called MobileGo. The digital currency was one of the fastest growing digital currencies in 2017 before the drop which happened towards the end of 2017 which have affected the entire cryptocurrency sector. At the moment there about 64,355,352 coins in supply and the coin is aiming to become more popular among gamers.

The digital currency is mainly a technical clone of Litecoin and the coin can be mined using the Scrypt algorithm. Its block is mined after every one and half minutes. Each block sees 25 coins generated. GAME is also available in most exchanges and can also be converted to other digital currencies like BTC, ETH, and LTC.

The Future of GameCredits

GameCredits team has been working hard to have new partners join the market. With the digital currency gaining by more than 1500% since it was incepted its future is certainly bright. The gaming industry is worth more than $100 billion meaning that even if the digital currency manages less than half of these market then that will be a major boost to the digital currency. When gamers demand this coin or its use is increased then it’s likely to see a massive price rally.

How to accept GameCredits payments

ExagonPay is one of the most approved platforms used to accept customer payments in all the popular digital currencies like GameCredits. To avoid the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency markets ExagonPay converts all the received payments either to the Euro, USD or even Bitcoin depending on what the client prefers.

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It's important to note that if you want all your payments to be converted to either Euro or USD you are required to verify your identity. However, if you want all the payments to remain in digital currencies then identity verification is not compulsory.

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