ExagonPay Platform Exclusive Features



Direct and Fast Deposit to your Bank Account

Get your settlement directly to your bank account.

Easy API Integration

Integrate blockchain payments with our secure API.

Customizable Transactions Options

Your transaction preferences, the way you want them. Within seconds.

Two-Factor Authentication

Your account security is essential. Secure it with two-factor authentication from Google Authenticator.

Ease of Use

Access your account, Set your preferences, Start working

5 Payment Gateways

API, Buttons, Iframe, Email billing, POS app.The choice is yours !

Settlements in Euros or Us Dollars

Receive your payouts for every transaction in Euros or US Dollars directly to your registered bank account.

Wallet Compatibility

Our system works with all compatible Bitcoin & Ethereum wallets

URL and QR Code Invoices

Click-to-pay and Scan-to-pay options in every invoice.

Mobile Friendly

Access your dashboard easily and effectively with any mobile web browsers.

Transactions History

Payment tracking for every transaction.

Invoicing in 40 Languages

Accommodate global customers with invoices in all major languages.

Bitcoin & Ethereum Refunds

Easily manage under or overpaid invoices and issue refunds through your ExagonPay merchant dashboard.

Invoicing Made Easy

Set, Send, Get paid. Welcome to the future of invoicing.

E-Commerce : Take your E-business to next level!

Payment Buttons and Hosted Checkout

Accept also Bitcoin and Ethereum on your website - just copy and paste a few lines of script and start.

Enable Blockchain Payments

By using one of ecommerce plug-ins, you enable blockchain payments on your website. This is good for your business.

Custom Checkout Forms and Browser Redirect URLs

Briefly redirect your customers for the checkout and return instantly the traffic to your website after payment.

Embeddable Invoices

You can choose to display your invoice directly on your website and let your customers pay without leaving the page.


Cross-Border Payments

Receive your international payments with ExagonPay and get 100% accuracy, zero fraud risk, and next-day bank settlement.

Email Invoicing

Bill clients electronically and receive rapid payment. No wait times, no paper required.

Scheduled Billing

Invoice on a one-time, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Integrated Solutions

Expand your Bitcoin and Ethereum billing options using our integrations with leading billing service providers.

Billing Plugins

Add a blockchain payment option to the bills you send to customers and clients.


Mobile POS App

Easily accept Bitcoin and Ethereum by displaying the QR code on your phone/tablet and passing the device to your client. Download the ExagonPay Checkout app for iOS or Android and you’re good to go.

Web-Based Checkout

No app, no problem. Open your computer’s or phone’s web browser and show the bill to your client. It’s that easy.

Gratuity Options

Your customers can choose from set tip percentages or choose their own custom tip amounts.

Direct POS Integrations

Looking to integrate Bitcoin and Ethereum payments in your POS software? Contact us. We’ll handle it.


Donation Button

Receive blockchain contributions from all over the world with a direct donation button. Just copy and paste the htmp code and watch the money come in.

Hosted Donation Page

ExagonPay can host your Bitcoin and Ethereum donation page at NO additional cost. Simply  open an account and start receiving.

Donation Platform

Don't worry about changing your donation flow. We’ll handle it.


By Email

As a prospective client, you are granted full access to our email support team for quick answers to any questions.

FAQs and Support Guides

All of our knowledge on the most popular merchant questions and integration mistakes is available for your use at support.exagonpay.com. In case you have any questions that are not listed, open a support ticket and a representative will be with you shortly.

Dedicated Account Management

A dedicated account manager will ensure everything runs smoothly during all of your daily account operations. Keeping your business running is what we do.

Live Chat

Experiencing difficulties? Our trained support team is available at all times for your convenience.
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