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What is Ether Classic (ETC)?

Ethereum classic is a digital currency that came into existence after a fork from Ethereum. ETC is an open source peer-to-peer platform based on Blockchain technology operating on the code of Ethereum. Ethereum Classic offers similar features just like Ethereum. This includes the development and creation of decentralized apps and also the average block time and reward.

The creation of Ethereum classic was very controversial since it split the Ethereum community into two groups. After the implementation of the hard fork people who were in supported upgraded their software from Ethereum while those who did not support did not upgrade their software. During this time there was hacking which saw the DAO lose more than a third on Ethereum tokens. A short time after the hack Ethereum Foundation decided to make several changes which were meant to return the hacked tokens. Some of the Ethereum members supported the move while others were against it.

The split saw new additions of mining pools which were specifically dedicated for Ethereum Classic. More to that Exchanges started accepting and added Ethereum classic.

Problems of Ethereum Classic

Forking of a digital currency is one problem that Bitcoin has been trying to avoid since it causes confusion among investors. Other than the confusion forking also causes chances of attacks on the forked blockchains. The other problem may be the fact that if a user broadcasts and signs a signed transaction in either of the blockchains the same transactions can be replayed on the other chain.

How to Accept Ether Classic payments on your website

ExagonPay is an online platform that allows businesses to accept digital currencies like Ether Classic as an option of payment. Due to the volatile nature of the digital currencies, ExagonPay converts all the payments into either USD, Euro or Bitcoin depending on what the client prefers. To start accepting Ether Classic, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dash, EOS among others sign up with ExagonPay. To use the platform for e-commerce platform create API credentials but if you would like to use the platform for donations or normal payments then just create a payments button.

It's important to note that all businesses that want their payments to be converted into cash must verify their identity. However, businesses that would like to keep their payments in digital currencies do not need to verify their identity. ExagonPay is very secure and works to ensure the safety of client’s funds while ensuring convenience and flexibility.

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