Bitcoin Email Billing


With ExagonPay, you can send Bitcoin bills to anyone.
The funds will be converted in Euros and processed in your bank account. No complications. No volatility.

Bill anyone, anywhere…And do it with Bitcoin

Online Transactions

With ExagonPay’s three different payment buttons, you can charge your customers on any website of your choice.

Security and Insurance

All online transactions are secured to avoid chargeback and fraud, and all payments charged to your client are insured by ExagonPay, thus minimizing your liabilities.

Daily Payments

ExagonPay processes bank account deposits daily. All you need to do is log-in to your dashboard, and activate daily automatic withdrawals.

How to get started?

With ExagonPay, you have the option of accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum for your  sales, and receiving the corresponding funds in your bank account in Euros/US Dollars.


Create an ExagonPay account through our Sign Up page.



Submit your business documents for verification (may take up to 24 hours).



Check our developer documentation on how to test and configure our API.

Add your bank information or BTC address for payouts.



As soon as your business documents are verified, you are free to start receiving blockchain payments.

Start accepting Bitcoin and Altcoins now

What is exactly an email Bill?

An email bill is a type of electronic bill that can be sent to anyone via email for the receipt of funds (in our case, Bitcoins). This is a bill type that is often used for the issuance of invoices, as to avoid printing and give clients the ability to pay online simply and securely.

While using ExagonPay, email bills are created electronically through your account dashboard, before they are sent to your clients. The clients’ Bitcoin payments are then processed via ExagonPay’s service, before the funds are directly sent to your bank account in EUR/USD. If you’re looking for a way to send bills fast and securely to anyone, anywhere…then this is it.

Why is email billing a powerful tool for all businesses?

Paying email bills using Bitcoin is by far one of the simplest and most direct payment solutions available. Consider the example of charging an existing customer:

There is no need to waste time on an invoice editing software before writing an email to send your bill, and wait several days for your payment due to bank delays. With ExagonPay’s email billing solution, all is required is to fill out some description fields directly on the invoice creation system, click send, and then you are done!
All your customer has to do, is scan the automatically generated QR code on the invoice and the payment is automatically processed.
Your money will then be deposited directly in your bank account either in Euros or US Dollars.