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What is Edgeless (EDG) Cryptocurrency?

Edgeless was the first Ethereum Contract targeting the Casino industry to solve the pain points of casinos. The platform is now considered the most transparent casino online having been developed in Ethereum’s Blockchain. Edgeless was developed to mainly solve the lack of transparent and House edge problems affecting the Casino industry.

The Edgeless currency famously known as the EDG came into existence through an ICO which was conducted in March 2017. The ICO collected more than 2.5 million dollars becoming the most successful gambling ICO based on Ethereum at that time.

Edgeless is currently ranked at number 183 in the cryptocurrency market according to the coinmarketcap. The coin has a total of 95,639,612 EDG in circulation. More to that it’s currently trading at $0.27 and has a market cap of $25,872,819. The price of EDG may look low when compared to the price in December 2017 but in general, the crypto market has lost more than half of its price.

This coin is yet to become as popular as Bitcoin or other digital currencies and therefore you may not find any listings for it. However, the digital currency is still very safe and secure. These tokens have many options to store because they are ERC20 tokens. You can store them in hardware wallets, web wallets, mobile wallets or even desktop wallets.

Edgeless is considered as a game changer since it’s very helpful in both the crypto markets and fiat markets. This is because of its ability to change the casino industry into a transparent and reliable sector.

How to accept Edgeless payments on your website

ExagonPay is an online platform which markets it easy for businesses to accept digital currencies like Edgeless as options for payments. All received payments are converted to either the Euro, USD or even Bitcoin depending on what the client prefers. However, it’s important to note that clients who prefer to keep their payments in digital currencies are not required to do any verification. If a client wants all payments to be converted into either the USD or Euro then they are required to verify their identity.

To start accepting digital currencies like Edgeless, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum classic, EOS, Dash and all other digital currencies sign up with ExagonPay. If you want to use the platform for e-commerce then create API credentials. However, if you want to use the platform for donations or normal payments then simply create a payment button.

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