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What is Digibyte (DGB) Cryptocurrency?

Digibyte is a digital currency which lays its focus on decentralization, speed, and security. The digital currency was developed by Jared Tate in 2013 and launched its genesis block at the start of 2014. During that period it was one of the few blockchain projects. The launch of Digibyte is similar to that of Bitcoin since it was launched without an Initial Coin Offering.

After the coin was launched Tate decided he will work full time for the development of the cryptocurrency. More to that funding for the development of the project had been done through donations which go to the Digibyte foundation. Other than Tate the other team developing the project has been kept secret but it is known that there is a total of five developers.

This digital currency may not be as popular as Bitcoin, Ethereum or even Litecoin but it was founded in 2014 and is among the older generation digital currencies. Digibyte has been undergoing a lot of developments over the years and that’s why it’s not very popular. The digital currency in most cases is referred to as the sleeping giant since its network is very fast, fully scalable and more secure as compared to other digital currencies. Digibyte is working on its popularity across the globe, at the moment it has dedicated about 100,000 nodes to the community.

Some aspects of Digibyte like transactions not coming from a wallet balance and coins having individual identifiers is similar to that of Bitcoin. When the coin is in someone’s wallet it’s considered as unspent coin and when it’s sent from the wallet it’s considered as spend coin. This method is meant to avoid crypto double spend problem which is one of the security features solved by Blockchain technology.

During the launch of Digibyte, it had only one proof-of-work algorithm. However, after a while, the team conducted a hard fork which included four more to make it five. Splitting the mining into the five proof-of-work algorithms was meant to ensure that the digital currency is fully decentralized. This also increased the mining speed since at the moment mining a new block of Digibyte takes 15-18 seconds. The project was also the very first one to introduce the Segregated Witness technology whose main aim is to ensure that the blockchain is small and fully scalable.

The price of Digibyte

As at 2nd September 2018, Digibyte is trading at $0.034 with a coin market cap of $371,135,004 as per coinmarketcap. The coin also has about 10,739,790,963 DGB coins in circulation. The full completion of the projects surrounding the coin experts expects it to hit $0.1 before the end of 2019.

How to accept Digibyte payments on your website

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