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What is Dash Cryptocurrency?

Dash which is a short form of Digital Cash is a digital currency related to Bitcoin. In general, the organization of Dash is simply an improvement of Bitcoin. The main aim of creating the platform was to increase the privacy of carrying out transactions with fewer challenges and fast approval rate. After the launch of DASH, its increased privacy and security caught the attention of thousands of investors all over the world.

The beauty of using this cryptocurrency is the fact that you receive full anonymity meaning that no third parties can access transaction history from transactions. Dash also has the power to facilitate instant transactions. This means that by using Dash you have full control of your money and finances which is similar to Bitcoin. the blockchain is designed to be fast, efficient and safe.

Advantages of Dash

Dash has solved Bitcoin’s scaling and consensus problems

Dash has come up with new ways to solve problems which have affected Bitcoin for a long time. Bitcoin has had transaction approval problems, therefore, taking time to approve transactions. To solve this problem the team employed a voting system where investors can vote to make changes in the network and making proposals. The Dash system is able to offer cheaper and faster transactions.

Dash has a 2.5 million dollar monthly development budget

Dash has been working to improve its system since it was developed. 10% of the block reward in the system is set up for development in whatever projects investors vote to approve. This has given the platform a huge competitive advantage making it one of the most stable coins on the planet. One good thing to note about this digital currency is that its ecosystem funds and runs itself.

Dash is more decentralized than most coins

There has been a misconception that this coin is not decentralized because it has a ‘CEO’. In fact, the truth is that Dash is much decentralized and all decisions come from investors only. At the moment the coin has more than 4,500, decision makers. Its network was founded by three groups Dash Labs, Dash Force and Dash core all of which are independent.

Dash has maintained its privacy

With many coins like Bitcoin having traceability at the moment Dash has maintained it privacy and up to now, the coin can be easily traced. Since it was launched its privacy has never been broken something which earned it the name darcoin. The reason why people are opting for digital currencies is the privacy of their transactions. When the privacy of coins is breached then they will have no difference with the normal online transactions.

How to accept Dash payments on your website

ExagonPay makes it easy and possible to receive customer payments in all the popular digital currencies which include Dash. To avoid volatility which is very common in the cryptocurrency sector ExagonPay automatically converts all payments into either the Euro, USD or even Bitcoin depending on what the client prefers.

To start accepting Dash as well as other digital currencies in your platform all you need to do is sign up with ExagonPay. ExagonPay platform enables you to use the platform for different purposes. If you want to use it for e-commerce then create the API credentials. However, if you want to use it for the general purpose of accepting donations then just create a payment button.

With the rate of crime and hacking targeting the cryptocurrency market, it’s important to note that ExagonPay put client’s security first. Because of that all clients needing conversions into Euro or even the USD are required to verify their Identify. However, people who would like to keep their payments in digital currencies verification is not compulsory.

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