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Civic Definition

Civic which issues the CVC tokens is a platform developed with the vision of securing people’s identity in a digital format. The platform uses a decentralized network to ensure that data in Biometric readers and blockchain can be read through fingerprints which associate you with your data. This makes it possible to use fingerprints to communicate your data across different platforms. The platform was also developed to offer identity theft monitoring which is mainly meant to protect users against theft of data or even identity.

The main aim of Civic is to support management of different institutions all over the world in using the platform for identity as well as data protection enabling employees to prove their identity and share data with businesses or even colleagues.

How to accept Civic payments in your site

ExagonPay is a platform which facilitates payments for goods and services using digital currencies such as Civic. Cryptocurrency markets are very volatile something which could scare businesses. However, ExagonPay converts all payments into either the Euro, USD or Bitcoin immediately after transactions.

To start using Civic and all other digital coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and even ripple first sign up with ExagonPay. After signing up create API credentials if you intend to use the platform for e-commerce or just create a payment button if you want to use the platform for donations and simple payments.

Note that verification is not required for traders who would like to keep their payments in cryptocurrency only. However, if you want your transactions converted into either the Euro or even the USD then you must follow the given steps to verify your identity.

The steps in order to start to accept civic payments in any store are very simple. First, this is to set the price of the product or service you are selling in your store. The price can be set in either the USD or Euro. After that calculate the worth of the product or service by comparing prices from exchanges and going with the best price. Customers will now be able to pay with Civic or to pay with any other digital currencies. Lastly, you will receive your payment in the Euro or dollar less 1% processing fee.

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