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What is Augur coin?

Augur is an Ethereum based digital currency which operates as a decentralized oracle and gaming prediction market. The digital currency is seeking to decentralize the gaming industry which is worth more than $52 billion. This platform cannot be compared to either digital poker or even roulette, Augur operates in smart contracts where interested people use ETH to place bets on their preferred sports.

REP is Augur’s toke and has grown massively since its ICO which occurred in September 2017. As at today 1st, September 2018 REP has a coin market cap of $217,280,377 and is currently trading at $19.75. This may seem like a massive drop but the entire crypto market has faced a similar challenge since the start of 2018.

Some facts about REP is that it cannot be mined. The tokens are earned when people provide truthful and reliable predictions about events. More to that market creators can also earn the tokens. In this market reporting, truthful outcomes earn people REP while reporting untruthful outcomes costs REP. More to that if you hold REP without making any reports and market predictions then you are fined 20% of the tokens.

REP is tradable at almost all the popular digital exchanges including Kraken. Augur went live on the Ethereum mainet on July 9th, 2018 and REP contracts which existed then were frozen and the balanced integrated into the new system.

The gambling and gaming sector may be highly restricted in the world but digital currencies are joining the sector massively. At the moment there are more than 5 blockchain platforms which have specifically been developed for this sector.

How to accept Augur payments on your website

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Kindly note that it would like to keep your payments in digital currencies like Bitcoin then you do not have to verify your identity. However, if you want all your payments to be converted into either USD or Euro then identity verification is compulsory.

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